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El Trailer





Definitivamente NO está crudito…

No es por nada, pero le quedó kvrón….

Se me ocurrió verificar wikipedia a ver si decía algo: “They are scheduled to perform at Otakon on August 2008, in Baltimore, Maryland.” ¡HAHAHA!  ¡HAHA!  Link en Otakon Planes de viaje se anunciarán más adelante… Ichiroh no estará…

Líricas sacadas del CD: The World of Go Nagai & Dynamic Productions COCC 15232-15234 copyright 1998 MAZINGER Z – written by Isao Sasaki – sung by William Saylor Koji can swin in the sky he can fly beneath the sea In his robot man Mazinger Z. Mazinger is faster and much stronger than his enemies. […]

JAM Project 新声明発表記者会見 JAM Project Shin Seimei Happyou Kisha Kaiken (Coletiva de imprensa do JAM Project) By: For the children who carry the future…and for adults who don’t forget their dreams… -Now, today’s subject- It goes without saying that now, that JAM Project is making an announcement.  It looks like there’s some kind of […]