What it seems to be a dead proyect comes back with more strenght than ever, in an interview leaked by 2ch Go Nagai took the clouds out of his very awaited proyect Z Mazinger, let us see what 4chan said about it:

Z Mazinger series is still alive. Go nagai has recently made comments on the new Mazinger series.

-It will take place 2 years after the Mazinkaiser OVA/Movie

-Mazinkaiser has been sealed up due to its immense power.

-New Z Mazinger pilot Myochin Ken who arrives to earth from the Planet Fleed.

-Koji battles Ken with the rebuilt original Mazinger thinking he’s one of Dr.Hells latest minions.

-Ken serves his prince Duke Fleed

-New enemy from inside the earth, Not Mikenese Empire, it will Hades and other mythological creatures.

-The series was delay due to problems with the director, a new one has been hired, the new director Yasuchika Nagaoka (Godannar) will co-work with Masahiko Murata (Mazinkaiser director) and Go nagai to bring a new and exciting visuals and battles never before seen in Super robot anime.

-expect action from Duke Fleed this time.

-This could be Go nagai’s final work as he desires to retire from the bussiness -let us hope he doesn’t-

Link original en 4chan, foro japonés

Como dice el post: son RUMORES…


2 Responses to “Rumores”

  1. hey! mi primer pingback XD una cosa. 4chan es un sitio norteamericano… lleno de weeaboos, pero norteamericano.

  2. 2 Linsey

    Duke Fleed? AWESOME 🙂

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