Apparently Yasuhiro Imagawa, the director of such epic animes as the Giant Robo ovas and the first batch of episodes of Shin Getter Robo, will be directing a 26 episode Z Mazinger anime series (the Mazinger spin-off based on greek mythology).
source: whitesword

Oh, Moon Phase, what would we do without you? The site reports that a new TV anime based on Go Nagai’s classic Mazinger Z– whch was originally adapted into anime from ‘72-’74 and continued in Great Mazinger and the Grendizer series after that –is in the works.

Edit: Correction: it’s Z Mazinger, a retelling of Mazinger Z using Greek mythology as a setup– more details on Wikipedia –that’s being made into a new anime, not the original. My bad! 🙂

According to Moon Phase, the new anime is going to be helmed by Yasuhiro Imagawa, of Giant Robo OVA and Tetsujin 28 fame, and it sounds like a 26-episode run has been arranged. The character design is going to be done in the classic, oldschool style, but the mechs will be done in a modern style.

[タレコミ]永井豪「Zマジンガー」今冬TVアニメ化決定! このエントリーを含むブックマーク


> しかし来年は必ずこのすべてのマジンガーの集大成となる新しいマジンガーシリーズを始める予定だ。



Translation: Japanese » English

[TAREKOMI] Go Nagai “Z Mazinger” animated TV this winter! Bookmark this entry, including

Go Nagai to ask “What is the origin of Mazinger?”

> But all of this is always next year Mazinger MAJINGASHIRIZU oeuvre and a new start.

☆ coach, this year’s New Year new type illustrations, so you had to draw Mazinger Z-Barre Barre Yasuhiro Imagawa, production is PARUMUSUTAJIO.
☆ “Z Mazinger” based on the deployment of all 26 original animated stories.
☆ original character design is old-fashioned version, the mechanical design of contemporary fine detail.
☆ suddenly in the first story? ? Kessen begin with.
☆ SUKURANDA is like a Gundam W DESUSAIZU wing of the body to cover the huge rocket punch distorted.

I’m known at this time and so much information.

fuente de información….



Character design: Shinzi Takenouti, PARUMUSUTAJIO (bankruptcy) → number studio (formerly PARUMUMENBA new studio) RAM;.

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