Martin Kippenberger


Crucified Frog

2 Responses to “Martin Kippenberger”

  1. 1 Agnel Jose Karol

    Once upon a time a real pig had crucified by a group of people, to dishonor Jesus Christ.

    The group of people who dishonored Jesus were punished by Nature.

    A dead volcano got life and emitting lava to destroy those people.

    No one could escape from the Punishment from God.

    Now also the fault done for dishonor Jesus Christ.

    God will punish who are dishonor Him!

  2. 2 Ghod

    heh. I found this blog while searching for inspiration….I’ve decided to do the Budweiser frogs, crucified, due to a comment on alt.atheism the other day. This “Agnel” guy is pretty funny. Can Benny the Rat can write any better in English?

    When I finish my frogs, I’ll put them up on Flickr…..don’t hold your breath, though, I’m infamous for not finishing projects quickly, or at all.

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