SOC-07I Iron-Z


currently there are two version of Energer Z:

GX-07E is Go Nagai 40th year anniversary version (at 5000 Yen, limited to 3000 pcs). this is Energer-Z “Concept Ver” (pre Mazinger-Z)

GX-07I is a magazine exclusive (at 6800 Yen). this version will also appear in an upcoming Go Nagai manga, so this is Energer-Z “Manga Ver”. explains why there are two bikers in this ver, one is Koji, the other is the new female Energer-Z pilot.

this new pilot of Energer-Z is Kikunosuke Abashiri. a family member of the Abashiri mafia family, a most notorious and terrifying mafia family. who first appeared in 1969 Go Nagai manga- Abashiri Ikka (Abashiri family). this manga also has an anime adaptation- Abashiri Family OVA (1992, 4 episode only).

y también falta el GX-07MAZ….

2 Responses to “SOC-07I Iron-Z”

  1. 1 Fudo Akira

    Heh, Ya no saben que mas ponerle de armas a las tetas de las robots.
    y gracias a Amon que Sasahara no puede entrar al blog porque lo mas seguro se pone a tner fantasias Trib con las pilotos. GeP.

  2. Ahhhhhh, me babeo todoooooo.Uff jamás se verá esto por latinoamérica….mal,mal.
    Sayaka por siempre!!!!!!!

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