Jam Project World Tour 2008 – info


JAM Project 新声明発表記者会見
JAM Project Shin Seimei Happyou Kisha Kaiken (Coletiva de imprensa do JAM Project)

By: animesongs.com.br

For the children who carry the future…and for adults who don’t forget their dreams…

-Now, today’s subject-

It goes without saying that now, that JAM Project is making an announcement.  It looks like there’s some kind of new development.  Because this group has been recognized since it formed as the group that will carry the anison world, I participated with strong emotions. At this press conference, along with regular fans, people who run individual sites and blogs were there as “user reporters,” as an experiment. Now, I’m participating as the adminstrator of “Iron and Steel” (which isn’t really anything important) and also for the Brazilian anime song fansite giant, “Anime Songs. (www.animesongs.com.br)” Cultural Broadcasting Media Plus is located in a metropolitan area.  Even though I got there early, the place was already full of fans.  Eventually, thanks to the support of the staff, I arrived at the meeting place.

The meeting place was the media press hall on the 12th floor of Cultural Broadcasting.  There were many people there watching and recording.  Towards the front, there were seats for the real press, but luckily in front of the stage ther was a giant screen on which the DVD of “JAM Project Japan Circuit 2007 Break Out” was playing.  On the stage were tables and chairs and nameplates laid out: from the left, Kageyama, Matsumoto, Endoh, Kitadani, Okui, and Fukuyama.

Finally, it began.  The DVD stopped and “Break Out” began to play.  The MC, Suzuki-san, made an announcement, and Matsumura Kiyoko-san, representing Lantis, made a speech of greeting.  Then, finally, the JAM members all came out. Kageyama-san, Matsumoto-san, Endoh-san, Kitadani-san, Okui-san, and Fukuyama-san, in that order, each gave a greeting.
Kitadani: Today I’ll try hard not to stutter.                       
Fukuyama: Hey, today I’m going heat up…it’s a press conference!
It was a harmonious start.  Beginning from Matsumura-san, each of the members made announcements in turn.

①-01. About the live, part 1
Matsumura: So, let’s start from next year’s live.
Matsumoto: Yeah! Dum dum dum dum dum…(drumroll).  2008!  JAM Project live tour!
Audience: Oooooh!
Then Matsumoto-san announced all of the places and dates….

2008.2.2 Saitama
2008.2.11 Nagoya (Aichi)
2008.2.16-17 Osaka
2008.3.2 Tokyo
Tickets: 6500 yen
There’s no live in Tohoku or Kyuushuu, but there is one in Nagoya. That’s a step up.

Matsumura: (Talks about some of the sponsors)  Also, this time, if he can, Ricardo Cruz plans to participate.
Kageyama: He couldn’t participate in his first live.
Kageyama: This meeting place is used for many different purposes, but at last year’s live we had our last dress rehearsal here. We really liked the atmosphere.  So now, we’re doing our second all-country tour, and we decided that we want to show the fans at the Saitama something like a dress rehearsal.

②-About the live, part 2

Endou: This live’s title is JAM Project Japan Flight 2008 “No Border.”
Matsumoto: Repeat! “No Border”!
Audience: “No Border”!(everyone laughs)
Kageyama: Ha ha ha ha.  You’ll understand what “No Border” means soon.

③-About the live, part 3

Kitadani: Next year, from June to November, we’ll do an overseas tour, “World Flight 2008”!
Audience: Ooooooh!
Matsumura: It hasn’t been officially decided yet, but the proposed sites are:

America, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc.), Taiwan, Europe

Kageyama: The members also wanted this overseas live.  For several years, we’ve performed individually in Brazil, and the response was amazing.  The Lantis president, Inoue Shunji, said, “You must be lying,” and when I showed him the picture, he said “This must be CG, Kage, you got good at using a Mac.”
(everyone laughs)
Kageyama: But, now on sites like YouTube, you can see the videos, so he believed me.  I was asked to do events before, but just this year I was able to not just do an event in Korea, but people paid to see us.  So, this tour might be possible. By the way, this year’s Brazilian event was “Anime Friends” in July.  At the main event, “Super Friends Spirits,” JAM members Kageyama-san, Sakamoto-san, Endoh-san, Kitadani-san, Okui-san, Fukuyama-san, and Ricardo have participated.  Also, many other singers such as Kushida-san, MoJo, Miyauchi-san, NoB, etc. have participated.             
Matsumura: Since foreign fans also feel a connection to JAM’s music, we’re also thinking about releasing a CD overseas.

④-New development: CD announcement

Matsumura: Okay, one more thing….huh?
Kageyama: Ha ha ha ha, are you okay?
Matsumura: Yeah.  Uhh, before this Japan and world tour, we’re going to release a CD.
Okui: Yes, the title is…

Original CD Single “No Border”–2008.01.28 release!

This is JAM’s original theme song for their in- and out-of-country tour!  Since the original album “JAM First Process,” it’s actually been 6 years since JAM has released an original work.

Matsumura: It’s JAM’s announced “original” song!
Kitadani: What, “original”?
Kageyama: Is it “original…”
Matsumura: It’s “original.” (everyone laughs)
Typical Matsumura-san.  She energetically supports JAM. Here, each member said something about their large-scale tour.

Kageyama: Because this year’s main all-country tour was successful, we can do another all-country tour and also an overseas tour.  In order to make our actions clear, we’re going to release the original theme song “No Border.”  I think there are walls between countries and between people.  Even though they live in neighboring countries, they fight.  I think that Japan can offer anime in order to defend against these walls.  We sing Japanese anime songs that we can send to the world’s children…that is the meaning of “No Border,” in my opinion.  It’s a small gesture, but I think it’s necessary.  We’ve already been called “veterans,” but it’s a thing that we veterans must do.  That’s why spirited music is necessary.  Thanks to “Dragonball Z,” we’ve been called overseas, and we can sing without worrying about things like skin color.  We need to start somewhere, like from the common ground of liking anime.
Matsumoto: We wanted to do something to repay our gratitude to the fans who have cheered us on for 7 years.  If all 6 of us can go overseas and touch more and more of our fans, we’ll be happy.
Endoh: Always, while we’re on a wonderful stage, we’re thinking about what we can do while we’re singing.  Our friends and younger co-workers have assured us that if we can make this overseas trip, it will be the first step.
Kitadani: I want to show Japan’s, and the world’s, people an amazing performance!
Okui: Everyone already said what I want to say, but…from now, we’re going to make our original single.  As our leader said, if our feelings can become a song and Japan and the world can become one, it would be a good thing.  I’m happy that we can finally undertake this overseas live we’ve been talking about for so many years.
Fukuyama: I don’t have anything to say…I joined JAM in the middle, but at that time I thought it would be impossible to have a whole country tour or an overseas tour.  Doing an overseas lives with everybody made me happy, but a lot of people said “Won’t you do a live with JAM?”  I’m happy that I can feel the same thing I felt going over seas alone with this group of six.  Everyone else feels the same way.

⑤-New development: about the logo

Fukuyama read details about the logo.
Kageyama: Read it like a gun.
Kitadani: Like a gun.
Fukuyama: I’ll read it like a gun.  For this world tour, a new logo has been made. On the screen, the new JAM logo appeared. On the new logo, the dot on the J in “JAM Project” is a star, and the background is a wireframe distorted earth.
Matsumura: This logo represents our beliefs for next year.  We’re going to continue using the logo we’ve been using up until now alongside this one.  When you see this logo…..please feel good.
(everyone laughs) I love the first logo, so I’m relieved that they’re being used together.

⑥-New development: about collaboration

Matsumura: JAM has changed.  From writing the songs to the directing, they do everything themselves.  And, in order to change even more…”Collaboration with Nikoniko Video!”
Audience: Ooooooh.
Kageyama: Don’t look!
Matsumura: Furthermore, “Shuraki”….

In front of Matsumura-san, a figure of Shuraki.  Then the BGM played a sample of Shuraki’s theme song.

Matsumura: We’re collaborating with the Shuraki of this figure.  A story was born from this figure.  We’re in the middle of an expansion.  As opposed to anime, JAM is getting support from leaders in music.  The song that’s playing now is an example…that was recorded recently.
Kageyama: I played this guitar.
Endoh: That must be why the rhythm kind of sucks.
Kageyama: I’ll play it for you later.
Audience: Really?
Matsumura: Huh?  We’re on a time limit, so please ignore him. Matsumura-san is cool and dangerous.           Matsumura: Finally, we’re going to hear from Inoue Shunji-san, the company president of Lantis, which backs up the JAM Project.President “Keyboard” Inoue runs across the front of the stage. Kageyama: You’re looking thin.  I thought you were Kin-chan.
Inoue: Well, Lantis is happy to be able to stand up alongside JAM at this time.  I’ve hit a dead end as president several times and had to discuss with JAM.  Please continue supporting us.

⑦-Question and answer session

Next was a question and answer session.  It mostly focused on the user reporters and the regular fans.
Audience member: When I hear about the live tour, it definitely makes me think about the “giant onion” place…
Endoh: …The grocery store? (everyone laughs)
Audience member: Why did you choose NHK Hall in Tokyo?
Kageyama: For right now, because of the goals of the band, starting from a small live house, there’s Shibuya Town Hall, Japan Junior Chamber, Hibiya Nooto, NHK Hall, and then Nihonbudoukan.  Like climbing up a flight of stairs.  So for the year after next, the next one on the list is NHK Hall.
Audience member: Regarding the information about going off into the world, what are your plans for September and October?
Kageyama: What we do is, to some people, kind of like a religion.  Take it easy.  I know the limit to how much one can sing, but aren’t these members, to a certain extent, veterans?  Sooner or later, we’re probably going to take in some younger members.  If we ride on the rails those who came before us created and spread out into the world, we’d like to continue representing that.
Audience member: Will there be a JAM fan club?  Also, will you make English and Korean versions of your website?
Kageyama: What do you think, Okui-san?
Okui: Ah, yes!
Kageyama: The fan club pro, Okui-san.
Kitadani: She’s a pro.
Okui: I sure am.  There all kinds of fan clubs…for example, for adults.  It might take a while before we have one.  We’d have to discuss a lot.
Matsumura: A fan club that charges money is difficult to implement, but we’ll look into the website.
Audience member: Um, in the February 18 performance, isn’t Mizuki going to come?
Kageyama: You didn’t say “san”!  (smirking)
Audience member: Is Mizuki-san going to participate in this live?
Endoh: We’ve only just decided on the live so we don’t know the details, but I won’t say that there’s no chance.  But Mizuki-san is a busy person….

Kitadani: That’s right.
Endoh: And his health…
Kitadani: Oooo…
Kageyama: But don’t you know?  Mizuki-san is going to have a 60 song live next year.
Endoh: 60 songs?!
Kitadani: Wow!
Kageyama: It’s his 60th birthday.  We’re going to help him out, too.
Here I asked “Anime Friends”-esque questions.  In front of all of these people and all of the members of JAM Project is a rare situation, and I was extremely nervous.             
Me: This is a rumor from the administrator of the “Anime Friends” fansite, but is Ricardo-san going to participate in the Brazil and other overseas lives?
Kageyama: Of course.  Ha ha ha.  If we didn’t let him sing in Brazil, Ricardo would be pretty angry.  He also can do talks in Brazil.  We’re going to guide Ricardo around the world as much as we can!
Matsumoto: In Brazil, Ricardo is leading a meeting for us.
Me: This question is from a little while ago but, because you don’t know whether Mizuki-san can participate…the Brazilian fans say, “Someday we want to see a nine-person JAM in Brazil!”
Kageyama: You mean, with Mizuki-san and Sakamoto-chan too?
Me: Y…yes.
Kageyama: That’s possible.  It would be nice…
Me: Th, thank you
Audience member: This is a request.  On this tour, you’re spending 2 days in Osaka, so won’t you add another one to Tokyo?  Also, like the Kawasaki film live, won’t you do mini lives and events and CD delivery in small towns?
Matsumura: We’ve been hearing that request a lot, but the members are really busy.  So, we’ll think about it.
Finally, the last question.
Audience member: My little sister memorized the names of everyone in the JAM Project, but she always says “Kageyama Nobuhiro.”  What should I do? (the members and the whole hall laugh)
Endoh: Either one’s fine.(more laughter)
Kageyama: Ha ha ha, this is a good final question.  Well….if I can make good music, my name doesn’t matter.
Endoh & Kitadani: Coooool!
Kageyama: But, on my first album with Lantis, the first press release said “Kageyama Horonobu.”(everyone laughs)
Kitadani: Well, names are difficult, aren’t they?
Kageyama & Endoh: Hey!! Don’t you just use hiragana?!
The last question brought everyone together.
⑧-Photograph sessionThe members temporarily left for a photography session with the press.
With “Break Out” in the background, the members re-entered and had another photography session with everybody.The standing order was, from the left, Fukuyama-san, Kageyama-san, Okui-san, Matsumoto-san, Kitadani-san, Endoh-san.  Seeing them this close to me is a precious memory.


They each said something in closing to the audience.  The went from the left.

Fukuyama: Whenever I see an audience I get nervous, but today I could relax… And then the music stopped.
Fukuyama: Don’t stop the music!  Well, I’ll do my best, please support me!
Kageyama: I don’t think any of us have ever experienced being part of such a famous unit.  Please cheer us on.
Okui: From now on we’ll do whatever we can!
Matsumoto: I’m happy that we could make such an open announcement.  Keep supporting us!  Come see us!
Kitadani: I always look at fans’ websites and blogs, but today I could hear everyone’s real voices.  For everybody and for the world, I’ll do my best!
Endoh: With “No Border,” we’re going to transcend national borders and all kinds of other things!

Having each said a comment, the members exited to heavy applause. Suzuki-san made some final announcements, and the press conference was over.JAM is is charge of continuing to sing anime, game, and tokusatsu songs, and they’ve begun to collaborate with the very popular “Niko Niko Video.”  There are even more challenges for them.  It’s been seven years since the JAM Project’s formation, and their initial proclamation of “having hits overseas” is finally being realized.  More than the Japanese fans, the overseas fans can relate to the spirit of “No Border,” right? Anime songs have no borders. JAM Project has begun rowing across an ocean of dreams.  Finally, the day has come when the “J” flag can be  raised all over the world. They’ll run through the world and become huge!

※Complete report at: http://www.animesongs.com.br/coletivaJAM_E.htm

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