JAM Project World Flight 2008


Hablando de la montaña ir a Mahoma….

Como que voy a viajar un poco el próximo año…

Espero que vayan Ichiroh Mizuki e Isao Sasaki

9 Responses to “JAM Project World Flight 2008”

  1. 1 Tanaka

    Cual sera el estado en el que daran el concierto? o sera por diferentes estados?

  2. 2 jamfan


  3. 3 mazinsaurus

    So far the only info I have is a rumor that they will be in Mexico in November 2008, and I like to deal with facts, not rumors. As soon as I have something more solid, I’ll put it up. Thanks for your post, though

  4. 4 JAM Fan

    Thank you for the reply and for your business. WORLD TOUR is a great chance for the JAM project… and for all the Fans all around the World! I think that it is truly strange that on the Official Page there isn’t written Nothing about the World Tour. I just know that in 1th June JAM will be in TAIPEI… and on November 2008 they will be in MEXICO. But no more informations… I’m yearning to know the dates for the Tour in EUROPE…
    Please let us know more, if you’ll know something. All the fans are axiour to know more…
    Thank you very much and congratulation for your good site. : )

  5. 5 mazinsaurus

    hey no prob dude! You also helped with the information, since I did not know they were going to be in Taipei in June. Since the tour is from June to November, it seems that they might start in Taipei and end up in Mexico, that route seems to be about right. What I would like to know is if Ichiro Mizuki will be with them….

    You’re from Italy?

  6. 6 jamfan

    Thanks : ) If i’ll know something more I’ll write here!
    I heard by a Japanese friend that probably the JAM Project Tour in EUROPE will be in the end of October 2008! But still nothing of sure.
    Ichirou Mizuki will be not together with them in the World Tour,
    he also didn’t take part in the JAM Project Japan Flight 2008.
    However will be released a DVD of the Japan Flight 2008! I’m yearning to see it!

    Yes, I’m Italian (^_^) and i’m the webmistress of the Matsumoto Rica RICA WORLD International Home Page.
    Here the Link, if you would like to visit my Home Page.

    Lets share and spread informations about the JAM World Tour!

  7. 7 jamfan

    I hear that JAM will go in Brasil on July, but no others informations.

  8. 8 TC

    NOOO, they’re not coming to Australia!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *heart broken

  9. 9 zerocube

    OMG, y there are no Toronto!!??
    plz at least come to Canada…..

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