Más Genshiken


Wake up in the morning and yet once again I have forgotten to pick up my cellphone
and I missed the train yet again, could this day get any worse.
I still feel good about myself when I think about all of the things I’m capable of.
it is a shame that no one notices them.
Even though I can not run like I’m in Cross Country
Even though I’m weaker than the weakest of weaklings.
I do things in my own way and at my own pace.
All my trouble will go away, like the rain, that only comes to stay a while.
I feel anew, and in full bloom, every night after night, I recooperate.
Good bye sorrow, you no longer, torment me you have gone somewhere deep in space.
when I scream, out loud to the sky, i release all of the tensions inside me.
I go, at my own tempo
I go at my own tempo.

Seems I’m short on time every single day.
Once again, I’m in a rush this morning.
I race against time, hoping I’ll be fine.
It’s that race against time I enjoy!

Sometimes I wish I had a new lifestyle.
Some nights I pray upon a shooting star.
At times life is cruel, and I have my doubts.
Of what will become of me in the future.

That is why I wish I could take life by its grasps.
And squeeze out all of those scraps into my hopeless dreams,
because they will never come true.
I will go on my way.

I want to enjoy a moment of hapiness.
and I want to be able to share in my joy!
we are trying to leave a mark on our youth.
So one day, we can look back on those days.

The loneliness I feel when ever you walk by
Puzzles me and it makes me want to die!
So let’s stop reasting and go live out the rest of our days!
Come on with me, let’s try to sing!


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